5280 Naturals

All Natural, Organic, Handcrafted Bath and Beauty Products
Fresh, Handmade, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Chemical Free, Ethical Purchasing

Fact:  One third of standard personal care products contain one or more ingredients classified as possible human carcinogens.*

Our Promise To You

We make our products "fresh, natural, and chemical free" for your health and long lasting beauty. 

When it comes to soaps, lotions, lip balms, or scrubs there are hundreds of options.  We are picky about what goes on our bodies (working at bath & beauty products companies will do that to you) and we are just as picky about what goes on yours!  

All products by 5280 Naturals, LLC are completely free of Artificial Colors, Bismuth Oxychloride, DEA, EDTA, Formaldehyde, GMOs, Glycols (Butylene, Pentylene, Hexylene, or Caprylyl Gycols, Capryl Cglycol, & Caprylic Glycol), PEG (Propylene Glycol), Phthalates, Parabans, SLS, SDS or NaDS, Silicones, Triclosan, TEA, and Urea.

Handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado using only fresh, raw, unrefined, natural and organic, sustainably harvested, cruelty free, ethically purchased ingredients. 


For a complete and comprehensive list of ingredients that we DO use, please visit our Ingredients We Use And Why We Use Them Page.

For a complete and comprehensive list of ingredients that we DO NOT use, please visit our Ingredients We Avoid Page.

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*  US Environmental Working Group